Before Dark Matter


May 31, 2013 — September 8, 2013
Houston Center for Contemporary CraftHouston, Texas

May 16 – August 24, 2014
Center for Craft, Creativity, and Design, Asheville, North Carolina

CTRL+P was curated by Anna Walker (Houston).

Recent economic reports speculate that a third industrial revolution, shaped by digital technologies, is underway. This summer, Houston Center for Contemporary Craft (HCCC) investigates the implications of such technologies on the making of sculptural and functional objects in the 21stcentury.  Ctrl + P, on view May 31 – September 8, in the small gallery,features work by several contemporary artists who use open-source programs and 3D printers to conceptualize and create in revolutionary ways.

Using digital technology as a tool to create is not new to all artists, but only in recent years have open-source programs, computer-aided design programs and 3D printers become more available and affordable to the average maker.  HCCC Curator, Anna Walker, is eager to present work that shows the potential of using such technologies.  Walker explains, “By sourcing their designs from online creative commons, the artists featured inCtrl + P question issues of shared authorship, decentralization of labor, and the possibility of making entire industries available to the individual. Given that the late 20th century, in many ways, emphasized and celebrated the role of the individual maker, Ctrl + P explores how these technologies will contribute to the widespread embrace of communal authorship in the future.”

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Many thanks to Anna Walker for including our efforts into the exhibition.






RJP Nomadic Gallery presents Cr(e)ate
Exhibition Opening/Performance on Second Saturday, September 8th, 6-9 p.m.
Lone Star Studios, 107 Lone Star Blvd, San Antonio, TX

”Artists aren’t engineers,” the museum manager observed ruefully.

”Artists oughta be shot,” a disgruntled trucker said.

~ The New York Times article, 1988

Lone Star Studios and the Lullwood Group present Cr(e)ate. The RJP Nomadic Gallery continues to highlight functional design aesthetics and arts practice as highly influenced by existing infrastructures through a labor based performance and installation. Repurposing the protective shell of the art crate into fine art object through exhibition offers a metaphorical unpacking of typically formal objects, revealing them as purveyors of history and mystery. Arriving at 6 p.m. on Saturday night the RJP Nomadic Gallery will unload the crates from a 40’ Ryder truck and begin the installation in Lone Star Studios.

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Dark Matter

RJP Nomadic Gallery presents Dark Matter
Exhibition Opening/Performance on First Friday, September 7th, 7-9 p.m.
Blue Star Contemporary, 116 Blue Star, San Antonio, TX

Blue Star Contemporary and the Lullwood Group present Dark Matter, an exhibition and performance by the RJP Nomadic Gallery. Arriving in a 40’ Ryder moving truck a performance of transformation will ensue as functionally designed shipping crates and palettes within the truck will be transformed into the walls, lighting and stairs of a mobile gallery. Upon entering the gallery visitors will find a series of works by highly accomplished international artists, some revealing the typically invisible process of art shipping and installation while others highlight the tangential influence of art handling and museum practices upon their finalized works. Beginning in the Blue Star Complex parking lot at 7 PM on Friday, September 7th the venue will close at 9 PM.

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San Antonio hearts RJP

Our wonderful friends at Blue Star Contemporary and The Lullwood Group have started a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the RJP Nomadic Gallery. If we can raise $1,000 this month we will be able to travel to San Antonio and showcase 2 new exhibits.

Aug 18- Update: the Kickstarter campaign has exceeded $1,400! We will be exhibiting in San Antonio in September! Thanks for all your support!
Dec 2012- Update/Press: RJP event listed as #5 in top 10 San Antonio Art events of 2012. ArtMagazineSA

David Johsnon "Institutional Etiquette and Strange Overtones" 2012, photo
David Johsnon “Institutional Etiquette and Strange Overtones” 2012, photo

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RJP 2.0 Gallery Kit

The RJP 2.0 Gallery Kit was first displayed as an installation/performance entitled “UNPACKING ACCESS” as a participating organization in the Texas Biennial 2011 in Austin, Texas.

RJP 2.0 Gallery Kit

Utilizing our surrounding, existing infrastructures, (shipping systems, free website modules, home depot, rental trucks, etc…) RJP offers engineered, multi-use components as a complete “gallery kit.” Accessible and economically viable, the “kit” offers the potential to sustainably expand outreach and community engagement.

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LIVE_Unpacking Access_TX Biennial

RJP Nomadic Gallery is a participating organization in the TX Biennial 2011.

LIVE VIDEO BROADCAST of “Unpacking Access”
Friday, April 15, 2011_ performances at 7 and 9 PM

Trailer Space Records @ 7
Pump Project @ 9

Please be patient: Video streaming will suffer lag time…
several videos of the Trailer Space and Pump Project events are available on

RJP at ‘Art in the District’

Ryder Jon Piotrs is presented by Ro2 Art at Art in the District.
Fairmont Hotel
Friday- Sunday, Feb 5-7, 2010.

The 1st Annual Dallas Art In The District Art Fair features an array of contemporary emerging art galleries [and artists]. Art In The District provides participating galleries [and artists] with a platform to present new works to a strong and growing audience. Art In The District is for everyone from the first-time buyer to the art savvy collector.

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RJP receives Puffin Grant

Apparently the Ryder Jon Piotrs Nomadic Gallery has received a Puffin Foundation Grant.

We wrote the grant in 2008. We received the 1099 tax form yesterday, but never received the check or accompanying paperwork. (I suppose it is due to our nomadic nature. ha.)

We are thankful and elated at the good fortune that has blessed us. Receiving a grant from such a reputable foundation further strengthens our resolve in the benefits of creating a more accessible gallery experience.

More details will be posted as they emerge.