RJP at ‘Art in the District’

Ryder Jon Piotrs is presented by Ro2 Art at Art in the District.
Fairmont Hotel
Friday- Sunday, Feb 5-7, 2010.

The 1st Annual Dallas Art In The District Art Fair features an array of contemporary emerging art galleries [and artists]. Art In The District provides participating galleries [and artists] with a platform to present new works to a strong and growing audience. Art In The District is for everyone from the first-time buyer to the art savvy collector.

The event is an attempt to present more localized arts and galleries during the Dallas Art Fair, which boasts 45 international art dealers and an attendance of over five thousand in 2009. “Art in the District” was conceived and realized by Ro2 Art, comprised of Jordan Roth and Susan Roth-Romans, and Bryan Embry of Ross Akard Gallery.

The Fairmount, 1717 N. Akard Street, Dallas, is directly across the street from the Dallas Art Fair held at the F.I.G. in downtown Dallas. The exhibition will take place on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Stop by if you get a chance… Please call or e-mail Ryder for more information.


Ro2 Art is proud to showcase works from:
Letitia Eldridge
Elizabeth Akamatsu
Ryder Richards
Piotr Chizinski
Jonathan Whitfill
Sue Anne Rische
J. Derrick Durham
Yan Macs


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