San Antonio hearts RJP

Our wonderful friends at Blue Star Contemporary and The Lullwood Group have started a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the RJP Nomadic Gallery. If we can raise $1,000 this month we will be able to travel to San Antonio and showcase 2 new exhibits.

Aug 18- Update: the Kickstarter campaign has exceeded $1,400! We will be exhibiting in San Antonio in September! Thanks for all your support!
Dec 2012- Update/Press: RJP event listed as #5 in top 10 San Antonio Art events of 2012. ArtMagazineSA

David Johsnon "Institutional Etiquette and Strange Overtones" 2012, photo
David Johsnon “Institutional Etiquette and Strange Overtones” 2012, photo

Friday, Sept. 7 @ Blue Star
Dark Matter
Considering the efforts and craft of the invisible laborers in the arts industry the RJP will feature a series of works considering art handling, packing, and the functionality of typically invisible design. Based in part on the texts of Gregory Shollette reflecting the plight of the art world’s hidden 99% supporting the top 1%, the show promises to entangle functional labor and objects as high-minded aesthetics.

Saturday, Sept. 8 @ Lone Star Studios
Repurposing the exterior shell of art handling, local artists will be asked to provide their most esoteric and/or eccentric packing crates and boxes. Concerned with the functionality of design/build aesthetics the crates will be transported as part of a performance installation incorporating the spectators. Referencing the nature of art handling and the multi-faceted talents of object makers, the exhibit repurposes previously shunned labors as paramount objects of importance.


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