Moment’s Notice_ Lubbock,TX

Jan 28th, 2009
A Ryder Jon Piotrs exhibition held at the
Louise Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts.
(LHUCA) 511 Ave K, Lubbock, Texas

Installation at LHUCA, Lubbock, TX

Ryder Jon Piotrs invite you to Moment’s Notice. Please join us tomorrow night, Thursday January 29th, 2009 to view the newest works of Piotr Chizinski, Ryder Richards, Sue Anne Rische and Jonathan Whitfill. Beginning at 6:30 PM and lasting until 8 PM the artists will be available at the Underwood Center to discuss their art and receive feedback from the attendees. The exhibition, Moment’s Notice, will be on display until Sunday.

Moment’s Notice resulted from the impromptu efforts of the Ryder Jon Piotrs collaborators to fill a vacancy in the Underwood Center’s main gallery. Ryder Jon Piotrs (RJP) is comprised of local Lubbock artists who have created a stir in the art world with the development of a Nomadic Truck Gallery. The gallery is a converted 24’ Ryder truck complete with white sheetrock panels and track lighting. Since it’s debut the mobile gallery has prompted several group exhibitions for the RJP members. Most recently the group had a show at the Nau Haus gallery in Houston and is currently planning their first juried ceramics exhibition to take place in Phoenix, Arizona.