Dangerous Curve Ahead_ San Antonio, TX

RJP in San Antonio
RJP in San Antonio

July 18th – 19th, 2008

SSAC :: (Southwest School of Art& Craft)
San Antonio Contemporary Art Month

San Antonio, Texas

Thanks to the Faculty and Staff of the Southwest School of Art & Craft for making this event possible during the San Antonio contemporary art month.

NPR Interview ::
KSTX 89.1 :: Texas Public Radio
by Celina Montoya
Sound Clip from interview [ DWNLD ]

TEXT of interview:

July 18, 2008 · It’s a roaming gallery is based inside of a 24-foot long moving van. The idea came out of necessity for gallery creators, Ryder Richards, Piotr Chiszinski, and Jon Whitfill.

Among other things, they are artists based out of Lubbock, Texas, where the opportunity to display work is scarce. They needed to transport art and in the process discovered that the truck they use to move pieces could also serve as a space to display the work. They’ve been to Houston, Marfa, Wichita Falls and now San Antonio.

“What’s so great about it is we get to go experience audiences and venues that we don’t normally have a chance to do.”

That’s Ryder Richards, no relation to their sponsor Ryder Trucks, but he says it’s just worked out for them.

“We’re kind of artists who have a very practical nature and you know efficiency.”

Being practical they know the price of gas could change the nature of their work in the future when they plan to branch outside of Texas.

“We should be able to at some point just hop on a plane, take a bag of tools, land somewhere, construct our own gallery, leave it up for a week and tear it down and leave. And maybe even turn the pieces we tear down into another form of art and leave that there.”

The RyderJonPiotrs Nomadic Gallery will be on display at the Southwest School of Art and Craft through Saturday evening.

Glasstire.com_ Interview with Titus O’Brien

Writer {Glasstire.com, Artlies, Ft.Worth Star-Telegram}
Glasstire Article

Ryder, Piotr, and Jon at Charles Adams Gallery
Ryder, Piotr, and Jon at Charles Adams Gallery

” I then met Ryder Richards and Jonathan Whitfill, who were doing some framing at Charles Adams Gallery. I saw more examples there of work by some of the better artists in the Underwood show, like Lahib Jaddo, and more or less everyone else I’d eventually meet that day. We headed next door for coffee with Piotr Chizinski, who is the third member of Ryder Jon Piotrs Nomadic Gallery.

You may have seen them in Marfa, Houston, San Angelo, or Wichita Falls,
in matching jumpsuits, manning installations of art hung in the backs
of rented Ryder trucks (the name is somewhat auspiciously
coincidental). The idea is a natural one for three young artists in
Lubbock. Rather than wait to be discovered in some random exhibition at
the local art center, they just keep hitting the road, taking their art
to the people. This could end up looking like nothing more than a
rehashed retro Fluxus/”Furthur” bus trip love-in, but the guys take the
lighting, placement and presentation seriously. They may be having a
good time, but they want it to look pro. It’s a great idea. I found
them energetic, smart and funny, and imagine they comprise a good
percentage of whatever cool-quotient is measurable in town.”